Greg Hudik is currently one of the most sought after record producers and songwriters in the United States. With almost 40 years experience, writing, performing, artist management recording, producing records in the music industry on his own Indie record label Platinum Records Nashville since, 1986. With his new record released 07/01/2019 Greg Hudik's band is rehearsing weekly, in Nashville to tour soon.

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Platinum Records is one of the hardest working independent record labels, picked as one of the top five Indie labels in the country. Platinum Records has the know how and the connections and state of the art recording studio to help produce and record and launch dreams and careers in the music industry to all genres of music in  the industry. Platinum Records Nashville's promotions team call on radio daily. Platinum Management works with our artists and clients developing and helping them make the right choices to strategically sustain their success after launching their career with our knowledge of almost 40 years experience of being in the music industry. We know what to do, and what not to do, from doing what we do, daily.





Faith, Belief, Sacrifices & Hard Work

Greg Hudik's personal advice to all with a dream! The more that you do something in life the better you'll get at it, whatever you want in life. Just like Tiger Woods swings and hits his golf club daily, the more you so something in life you'll eventually master your craft. You must have faith and belief and never give up. With dedication and hard work and never giving up, no matter who tells you you can't you'll eventually master your gift and Gods will grant you you hearts desires. You just can't say a prayer, and hit the lottery.





I Greg Hudik have been published by Sony Tree ATV and then George Strait, with well over 275 published recordings. Loving traditional country music I partnered up on a 50/50 deal with artist Daryle Singletary on his last radio single. I want to make this perfectly clear, I believed In Daryle Singletary when no other label did. Chuck Rhodes  Daryle Singletary's so called business manager and myself had never met or talked when Daryle signed to my label. I never knew who he was. My contract was with Daryle Singletary. I invested major record label money In the recording and promotion of Daryles single to radio and together, we were trying to achieve that number #1 traditional country song that he never achieved in his career. Daryle Singletary last radio single was, We're Not Going To Hell For Having A Hell Of A Time, a song about friends having a good time. Daryle performed his last radio  single at his shows and autographing and selling the record. I encourage radio to spin Daryle Singletary's last single because his family will receive the same partner split with Platinum Records Nashville. Giant records is no longer in business, so what do you think the family will receive from a bankrupted label? That's why I blasted his last radio single after Daryle's passing with all dew respects, Daryle was proud of this single and of our partnership. Look at the smile on his face at our interview at WSM talking about how great it was to finally be back on country radio again. Also, I still stand on my word to Holly Singletary if she'll except my offer of She's Been Cheatin' On Us, on a 100% of downloads off of Daryle's last recording If released on my label. Daryle, I love you buddy. I'll see you in Heaven one day! Greg Hudik 














Southern Rock & Blues

New Record Released







Jesus Got His

Headphones On

Released Worldwide to radio 

03/11/2019 across the board to Christian radio, and also in the USA to Triple A radio.







I've Changed

#8 Download by AC radio, the first week of release.

Released 07/01/19 off the New record, Southern Rock & Blues 







The Unknown

Radio single 2019.

Off the New record,

Southern Rock & Blues.

This was Platinum Records Nashville very first Worldwide release of a single to Active Rock & Triple A radio. The Unknown went to #3 on the charts in New Zealand. Also topping the charts on the most played list on Mix Fm In their Capital of Wellington. The Unknown was also the #12 most downloaded by Active Rock radio, first week of release. 






 She Loves Kissing Girls Number #82 the Mediabase Top 40 Top 100 Activator Charts 2018







Music's A Religion

Number #1 on the Christian Country Charts 2018.